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We’re excited to expand on our hugely popular Bread Tag recycling to also be offering TERRACYCLE RECYCLING. We are now able to accept the following small unwanted items that would otherwise go to landfill:


  • Nail polish bottles

  • Empty blister/medication packets (non-cytotoxic medications only) unfortunately, due to overflow, we are unable to take blister packs until further notice

  • Empty cleaned toothpaste and skincare/makeup tubes (tip: cut down the middle of the tube and wash out)

  • Empty dental floss containers

  • Old clean hosiery and tights

  • Pens, textas and highlighters (thanks to childcare for purchasing the box for these)


In addition, we also encourage you to bring in unwanted rubber bands (especially those annoying little purple ones that come from broccolini and asparagus bunches at the supermarket) that we are gifting to farmers at local markets.


We also offer a Magazine Swap box where any magazines that you have finished reading are shared with others to read too.


Feel free to bring in your items and also share this news with anyone else that may be interested.